Freitag, 24. April 2009

Linux Mint 7 in den Startlöchern

Auf der Projektseite zu dem technisch ambitioniertesten Ubuntu basierten Projekt wurde zeitnahe zu der Veröffentlichung der Ubuntu Version 9.04 die Roadmap zur auf die aktuellste Ubuntu Version aufbauende Linux Mint 7 freigegeben. Diese bietet interessante Einblicke auf die neue Version und damit einhergehende Verbesserungen. Weitere Infos folgen.


I’ll try to be brief as I’m extremely busy working on the upcoming Linux Mint 7 release. I haven’t communicated much in the last few days so here’s a quick post to let you know what’s going on.

  • Ubuntu 9.04 is planned to be released today and the very first DEV ISO for Linux Mint 7 Gloria (LinuxMint-7-DEV-001.iso) was successfully built last night.
  • The development of the new features coming in Linux Mint 7 is finished.
  • We’re now starting to deploy them on the brand new Ubuntu 9.04 base.
  • It’s too soon to say how long it will take before an RC release but no risks have been identified so far.
  • Some of the new features of Linux Mint 7 are:
    • “Suggestions” and hotkey support in mintMenu
    • “Featured Applications” in mintInstall
    • Service configuration tool, SCP and SFTP support in mintUpload
    • mintWelcome, which replaces mintAssistant
    • new artwork
  • A lot of bugs were also fixed and some of the GUIs were enhanced.
  • For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, please read the roadmap.
  • Some planned features had to be postponed:
    • OEM installation
    • Theming and layout choice in mintDesktop
    • Slot-mechanism in mintMenu
    • Packages section in mintInstall
    • moonGrub

The new artwork is based on Shiki-Wise. It looks fantastic but it also presents a few usability problems. I’m planning on releasing it as the default artwork for the RC release and eventually switch back to the traditional artwork and have this new one as an alternative for the stable release.

Please be patient and if you connect to the Gloria repositories to give the new features a try, please remember that Mint 7 isn’t stable yet. Screenshots and updates will follow as we get closer to the release."


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